Sunday, April 10, 2011


Details: Originally released in summer of the same year only in Brazil, the band is now ready to hit the European continent for the 2nd time with an intensive tour of 25 dates where they'll spread their "fasthrash"!!
"Andralls" shows what's perhaps the most honest, intense and stablished Thrash Metal band coming out from Brazil since SEPULTURA. No bullshit!! Formed over a decade ago and having released 6 albums (4 in studio & 2 live), ANDRALLS have gained a solid reputation not only in Brazil but also abroad with their uncompromising brand of furious and intense Thrash Metal which reminds to the good old days of bands like SLAYER & SEPULTURA. Just think on how many Thrash Metal albums you've heard since SLAYER's "Reign in Blood" and SEPULTURA's "Beheath the Remains" with such motherfucking intensity... well, if you want to get that feeling back again, then the new ANDRALLS album is what you need!!

Price: 10 euro
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