Sunday, April 10, 2011

BROKEN BONES – Fuck You & All You Stand For CD

Details: BROKEN BONES release of the band's 7th album "Fuck You & All You Stand For!" both on CD & 12"LP format for immediate release in early September. Formed back in 1983 by two ex-members of DISCHARGE (Tony "Bones" & Tezz), the band immediately started to gain a strong reputation within the UK Punk scene by releasing numerous EP's and albums specially between '83-'85. BROKEN BONES was spicing their music with doses of Metal, Thrash & HC which made of their style a unique one. In '96 the band reformed, after a few years of silence, with a line-up that still remains until today and released a new album in '01. Ever since the band has been hitting the scene with an even more aggressive and pissed-off brand of Punk/ Metal which has reached its highest point with their new album which is undoubtely their most angry release ever!! Including 4 tracks re-record of their old classic number!!

Price: 10 euro
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