Thursday, September 30, 2010

TATORT TOILET – Heil Hightech CD

Details: HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Coming from the middle of nowhere, from Limburg, it seems that their Debut-LP `Heil Hightech` is another evidence for the old wisdom, that boredom is the BEST motor for good punkrock. Inspired from old KBD-Bands and classic Punkrock, they`re creating a great own style that always reminds you to some special bands but never sounds like these special bands. For me the catchy song writing remind me to the TOYOTAS /HATEPINKS / MANIKINS / BRIEFS plus the punch from DEAN DIRG / REGULATIONS / SHOCKS!!! And now it`s up to yours to find out to what bands TATORT TOILET reminds you!
Price: 7 euro
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