Saturday, September 4, 2010


Details: Neuropathia may know how to rock the fuck out but still make excellent extreme metal better than any other band in the scene today. I don't think anything can explain the consistently great quality of the band's work other than raw talent; these guys just know how to make riff after neck-snapping riff, and moreover, how to write songs that stick to the listener's brain and leave you wanting to throw one of their discs on over and over again.
The crushed heads and dismembered remains of PUTRESCENCE (ex-Head Hits Concrete, Seven Plagues) have been assaulting and mutilating frenzied and degenerate audiences across the planet since the spring of 2003. Since its initial exhumation from a desolate field near a cement manufacturing plant in Winnipegs north end, the band has sworn vengeance upon the living by launching into a brutal campaign of power drilling stale and grotesque music deep inside craniums and soft, juicy eyeball sockets.
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