Saturday, September 4, 2010


Details: What we have here is a killer intercontinental split 7" between two of the heaviest outfits on the planet: Georgia's Kylesa and Sweden's Victims. Originally pressed as a European Tour 7", limited to 500 copies on orange/black marbled vinyl which Kylesa had with them on their recent tour with Clutch. As announced months ago, Punkdistro finally have a regular version available as well, limited to 300 copies on dark green marbled vinyl. Normally Deathwish will also release a US version of this 7" sometime this winter, but don't sit on it, and get your copy at before they're gone. Oh yeah, 1 Kylesa song on here, 2 Victims songs, just the way it should be. I'd buy this just for the groove etching: "Savannah Stockholm Its all The Same To Me :-)" (Hex Vinyl)
Price: 5 euro
Availability: mail us