Thursday, September 30, 2010


1. M-1 Cancer

2. M-2 Murasaki

3. M-3 Black Rainbow

4. M-4 Waltz

5. M-5 Hate Son

6. M-$ Black Rainbow [Monkey WA$ Dubbed Remix]

Japans' best kept secret are back with a new album! Fronted by Kan of the legendary 80's punk-thrash act The

Asbestos, MONE¥I$GOD has been flooding the Japanese underground scene with sheer originality for over a decade

by practicing their perpetual belligerence and inimitable crossover between virulent sludge-doom, grim noise

rock and endless post punklatitudes .

M.A.R.K.Z kicks off with the tribal pummeling of "Cancer" and continues with the supposedly friendly "Murasaki", but

it's only a devious act of diversion before "Black Rainbow" smoothly barge in with a caustic ska rhythm section,

super-thick bassline, and above all, Kans' matchless gargling vocals that rumble throughout the entire album like a

decisive instigator. "Waltz" lashes right after as a scorching crescendo with its' perforating and frantic gradual guitar

parts and functions as a great build up for the epic "Hate Song" - a panegyric-like wayward track of unblemished

loathing for humanity. The doom-dubbed remix for "Black Rainbow" by Balata (David OPP & Finkelstein of

Lietterschpich fame) is the final aggressor that perfectly ends this veritable album of gashed hymns and surged


Recommended if you like Killing Joke, Zeni Geva, LEWD, Pailhead, Arab on Radar, Christpunchers, Six Finger

Satellite, The EX, Nomeansno etc.
Price: 7 euro
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