Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SADOKIST - Horrors From Hell Tape

Details: My adventure with metal music has started in the middle of the 80s. Those were the times of communism in Poland, times of poverty and limited opportunities and times when one could only buy vinegar in the shops. The only music medium widely available was a cassette tape. That's why today I treat all the tape releases, that are becoming more and more popular all over the world, with sentiment and enthusiasm. I like tapes not only because they have a sentimental value for me but also because they demand from the listener a higher level of involvment. While listening to a tape, one cannot instantly move 3 tracks back or 2 tracks ahead. Here, one needs to get engaged in the music and listen to it from the beginning to the end. I like cassette tapes, unless the tape gets stuck inside the player hehehe. But the most cult medium is obviously vinyl. What's the reason for this introduction? It's here because Bestial Invasion Records has given birth to the tape 'Horrors from Hell' of Finnish SADOKIST. A beautiful, fully professional release, that one can hold in their hands with much enjoyment. A red casssette with printings, full-colour inlay and fully satisfying musical content gives us an ideal product. There are two tracks authored by the band and a SARCOFAGO cover. Satanic black/ thrash/ death metal with a typical for Scandinavia minimalistic approach to musical expression. For every maniac of the real underground sounds and tapes this material is a must!! Buy it, support such initiatives, fuck mp3 files, xeroxed inlays and home-made tapes. Here you have a true rarity made by a maniac for other maniacs.

Price: 3 euro
Availability: mail us