Monday, August 23, 2010

HELLBASTARD - Heading For Internal Darkness LP


HELLBASTARD the legendary eighties Metal / Crust band from the UK with their first album

originally released on MEANTIME RECORDS / UK in 1988. This re-relase comes with an extra song

that was included on a limited EP on TEMPEL OF LOVE RECORDS / SUI. If your into AMEBIX,

ANTISECT, DEVIATED INSTINCT, AXEGRINDER you will love this band too.

1. We Had Evidence
2. Civilised ?
3. Nazis Killed
4. Death Camp
5. Massacre .....
6. Heading For Internal Darkness
7. The Pylons
8. Afrikaan Beggar
9. Rise Of Crust (Inst.)
Bonus (on the LP):
10. Deadlock

Great stuff!!!

Price: 15 euro
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