Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Details: Ther's no other option: guys from DH just love CELTIC FROST from thier early days! Not only the music, but also the logo/graphics are inspired by this cult band, but nobody can blame them for worshipping the messiah of death/black/thrash metal! Of course DH don't want to be copy of Gods, so create a bit different, strange and simultaneously fresh and dying sound! Interesing? For sure it is, especially when DH put some nice slowdowns, and short solos. Vocals are similar to TGW Warrior, even the echo is in same way, but DH vocalist (chymm... ther's no lineup showed, buit ther's must be at least two members, one from Holland, second from France) don't scream "UGH" time to time heh. Only two tracks, but good stuff, for first concant with DH (and thier first release ever) should be engouh. I know DH now recording "Armegeddon" cover for an new BATHORY tribute, and an song for an new split. RUST, a bit older and a bit more expirenced band (before this split, RUST unleash two annother demo/eps), also plays black/thrash in oldshool way, but thier VENOMous music is much more brutal and furious, like a mix of VENOM and old teutonic thrash bands, like SODOM, KREATOR or DESTRUCTION RUST of course put also thier own feeling on this music, if we comparee them to DUNGEON HAMMER, then RUST music is a bit more modern (but still 80's!) and much more faster! Anyway its strange that RUST use two tracks from thier prevorious material instead of recording something new? Maybe these swedish guys are same as BEHERIT 20 years ago, and spend cash for to studio for drugs and alcohol hahaha! Nice, gateold cover is prinited on awesome flat paper (so forgot about problems with finger traces). rUST

Price: 6 euro
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