Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PANZERBASTARD - 2006-2009 Digi CD

Details: There are a few reference points to consider when forming a thrashtastic crust band; the chief one being how much do you want to sound like Discharge, Motorhead and Extreme Noise Terror. The answer, of course, is as much as possible, and all these legendary noise exploiters are to be found splattered across the songs in this collection of EPs by Boston's brilliantly named Panzerbastard. There are also whispers of black metal and a touch of early Anthrax lurking in the d-beat mayhem. The difference between Panzerbastard and the millions of d-beat/crust thrashers is that they have a quality control button turned way up to the highest setting; so no poorly recorded, loose, chaotic punk thrash here, just well-produced, tight, aggressive, hardcore motorcrust, full of slam dancing, headbanging, fist in the air qualities that shoot to kill at twenty paces. 8 out of 10. -Alex Boniwell Issue #194

Price: 7 euro
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