Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HELLBASTARD - Discography 1986-1988 CD

Details: Legendary Punk Crust Band from UK.Pioneres of Hate Militia,Ripper Crust Stenchcore!! Hellbastard was born from the circumstance of poverty and anger. Less than a decade before, punk rock had just battered the world and made people sit up and take notice, it was Hellbastard's aim to create something that equalled that passion, anger and ferocity - yet with a wish to triple the productive aural assault. Hellbastard formed in 1984/5 and succeeded in bringing socialy aware lyrics and a crossover form of punk/metal music (which the band called "CRUST") to the international underground, and now to help your memory- flash the beginning! FOR FANS OF ANTISEC,AMEBIX,BOLT THROWER,HELLHAMMER,CELTIC FROST, AXEGRINDER AND DEVIATED INSTINCT.
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