Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THE BRISTLES 2 x CD + DVD (Restock)

Details: 80's early SWEDISH RAW HARDCORE ATTACKPUNK legend! This is absolutelly the FIRST official best of the best of THE BRISTLES, including almost ALL of their material : their ultra rare classic 1st 7"ep "Don't give up", "Boys will be boys" 7"ep, the total 1983 masterpeace cassette "Ban the punk shops", tracks from the infamous "Welcome to 1984", "Really fast", "We don't want nuclear force" compilations, first rehersal from 1982, final recording session from 1985, other unreleased tracks, TOTAL 49 TRACKS!!! Also comes with the DVD including 2 different whole gigs from 1983 by the camera of also legendary Existenz member with 23 tracks, TOTAL 72 TRACKS!!! A TRUE MUST FOR ALL PUNKS IN THE WHOLE WORLD FOREVER!!!
Price: 23 euro
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