Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Details: Soundwise the album sounds like 80's heavy metal usually did, though the soundscape is a bit more clean and clear, and the instruments have a good deal of breathing room. Just a bit more violent and gritty sounds would've fitted better to songs with such an amount of anger, attitude and feeling, but otherwise there's nothing to complain about. When one reads the album's lyrics s/he might feel embarrassed for the band due to their simplistic nature, but in the actual songs they work like a disease; they have a good deal of attitude and crediblity, and their rather repetitive nature makes them good for shouting along, thus helping the songs stick to the listener's head.

"Dark Alleys" present a band with a good and original vision and the talent to execute it, and is a good record for a debut. The band just has to refine or completely leave some things out, or at least present them in a smaller quantity to make more of an impact. Get this album as an LP to enjoy the fitting and stylish cover arts, and for the bit rawer soundscape.

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