Sunday, August 17, 2008

IN IRATUS Fallen lassen CD

Details: A young and new Punk Band made of some dedicated activists from Bremen erea with their first 8 Songs recorded that musicwise and lyricwise impressed us enough to help them out in producing a poper Demo CD and make it a Benefit as well. In Iratus ( Latin for: "in rage"... roughly translated ) play a set of personal and political inspired punk with lyrix written with a huge variety of ideas and polemic compined with a shredding guitar ridden aggressive passionated hardcore punk, very old school without jumping on the modern band wagon of this so called "neo crust" or what so ever... LIVE a joy to watch... :) Comes with beautiful wood cut artwork by Armsrock in a hardpaper full color 12 page booklet sleeve including artwork and lyrix as well as informations on "anti-repression" activism ...
Price: 7 euro