Sunday, August 17, 2008


Details: Discrust from Sweden VS Discrust from USA.
I've know about this Swedish band Assassination for quite some time now, but it's not until now I actually get to hear them. Not wasting any time they go right at it from the very first second, delivering brutal käng that I would say simply are inspired by other Swedish bands playing this style. You can insert your own influences - as long as you stick to the loud, hard, and harsh ones, and throw in a couple of blast beats here and there. Simply put; raw and unrelenting. I think this band could have a something to gain with a somewhat better recording. It works like it is, but it would've been interesting to hear how they would come across with a more powerful sound. The second half of this disc is being occupied by American Alternate System and it's now it in my opinion gets real interesting. There's a feeling of Anti-Cimex, especially their live stuff like "Fucked in Finland" and "Made in Sweden", surrounding this band and this is very present throughout their ten tracks, the vocals in particular brings my thoughts to Jonsson, but the music aren't far behind. They also show their affection for crusty riffs along the lines of Amebix in some tracks, most notable in the intro to the closing track "God, give them fear". I don't really think Assassination is a bad band, but they pale in comparison and I'm completely hooked on the thundering noise the Yanks are lashing out on here. They're not in any way doing anything new and while one can argue that you might as well put on some Anti-Cimex you can't ignore the fact that this music is great, whether it's original or not. [Krogh - March 24, 2007]
Alternative System
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