Saturday, August 23, 2008

EU'S ARSE - 2008 CD

Details: BEST ITALIAN HARDCORE REGEND!!!!! Just like WRETCHED, NEGAZIONE, INDIGESTI、EU'S ARSE are the one of the most important Italian THRASH/HARDCORE pioneers as everybody knows! Since 1983 & after 24 years, these 8 tracks are their never released brand new songs recorded In 2007!! Also includes 2 re‐recorded old songs("EU'S ARSE" / "QUANDO LA MUSICA MORITRA"), total 10 tracks! Is this Italian version of DISCHARGE "HEAR NOTHING..."? Excellent, rellentless, TRUE ITALIAN HARDCORE ATTACK!!! What else could be said for more?? (2008-05)
Price: 8 euro
Availibility: email us