Thursday, July 10, 2014

MINUS - Anger Arise year 2014 CS

Details: Well this double cassette are repackage of their previous new recording entitle ‘Give My Freedom’. Please refer my previous review on this tape. And other tape are also rereleased of their discography which released on my label around 2000. Fourteen years goes by the tracks in this tape are still never get old. MINUS been around since early 90’s. They never turn their back from punk rock till today. Even every genre come up MINUS still with their style of hardcore punk. Heavy  influence from UK bands such as The Exploited, Partisans, Varukers, old E.N.T and Discharge in their early days. This tape consist “Freedom For Who’ demo, ‘Fight Back’ demo,  ‘War’ Demo and 4 unreleased tracks. All these tracks were recorded between 92 to 2000. But the quality are magnificent!! The best to start getting know this Riot Punx are all are in this double tapes.
Price: 5 euro
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