Thursday, July 10, 2014


Details: Seems like Singaporean Punks more active on recording new tracks thesedays.  Been listening to MINUS Discography tape and Distrust this week. And here the another Lion City punks new MC’s BLINDED HUMANITY tittle Blinded Again. In these new cassette EP they delivered 5 new d-beat crusties hardcore feel. Heavy distorted guitar and anger vocal reminds me of FRAMTID, and the pounding of drumming style smell like MOB47 and E.N.T!  Overall great cassette EP, if you into ANTI-CIMEX (Victims of Bombraid), WOLFPACK/WOLFBRIGADE, E.N.T and Japanese crust this cassette are worth buying. And yeah this cassette comes with button and small poster.
Price: 4.50 euro
Availability: mail us