Thursday, July 10, 2014

DISTRUST - War Years - promo CS

Details: This cassette were given free only for punk distro I guess, since they wrote FREE TAPES FOR THE PUNX DISTRO. Right, Distrust been quite sometimes, they had a CD released under my label around 2005-2006 called ‘World Of Tomorrow’. Well this cassette consist 5 new tracks plus 8 old songs and 4 live tracks. Talk about this new tracks, Distrust are ‘D-beat Arpreggio from hell’. I know few punk quite didn’t like guitar solo and all. But they try as good as they can to present different kind d-beat bands out there, when they put lots of shredding in their tracks. I might think the guitarist are really love Malmsteen as his influences for playing guitar. Well musically Distrust are fall into ‘DIS’ band category. Heavy influence from DISGUST (UK), DISCHANGE, and of coz DISCHARGE. The part I didn’t like are the way the vocal styling. Other than that DISTRUST is still awesome D-beat bands.
Availability: For promo/review only, not for sale.