Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Details: An extreme compilation that contains a respectable list of bands from different kinds of slow music styles... In Asymmetry you will find a bunch of talented and promising bands, next to a few bands that you maybe already know (if not,check yourself please) that together bring you a 74 minutes of crawling fucked up and strange kind of journey...!!! Comes with 12 pages booklet and limited to 750 copies (last copies!!)


01. Lux Incerta – Clear Water

02. Whelm – A State of Decay

03. Remembrance – Beyond The Waters

04. Mary Bell – Armageddon Jam

05. Asofy - Luce

06. The Knell – Into Shattered

07. Mar De Grises – Mar De Grises

08. Saturnus – Murky Waters

09. Wreck of the Hesperus – Utter Rot

10. Abysmal Darkening – End It

Total Playing Time: 74 Minutes

Price: 7 euro
Availability: mail us