Saturday, July 24, 2010

NAPALM DEATH - Hatred Surge/FETO Demos LP

Details: This is the strangest release of Napalm Death. Harsh punk gets mixed with some depressive chords and a sound, which reminds me of the Thorns' demos. Imagine Discharge with some Burzum-like moments ('What Man Can Do'), noisy michrophonies and the angriest ever heard cries - that's what 'Hatred Surge' is all about. There are tracks like 'Instinct Of Survival', 'Control', 'Caught... In A Dream', which will be later reworked and heard in the famous 'Scum' release (the birth of grind core). Here in this demo they still sound very punkish (Crass were one of the most influential bands for the early Civil Defence/Napalm Death). This LP contains the "Hatred Surge" Demo from 1985 and the "From Enslavement To Obliteration" Demo from 1986. 22 sonx in total.
Price: 15 euro
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