Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BASTARDATOR – Identify The Dead LP

Details: Bastardator present this first full-length album, armed with a vocalist that fits the band's music even more than the previous singer did. Identify the Dead, simply put, is a high octane piece of Thrash Metal with some punk influences. It kicks off fast and heavy and never really slows down to give you time to figure out what the hell just happened to you. Insane, unrelenting speed applies to all concerned here – guitar, bass, drums and vocals. The new vocalist simply shines on this. He spits out the words at full speed, keeping up with the often very fast beat, and manages to make his way through that thick wall of music to make himself heard, yet without taking center stage, leaving the music do most of the talking.

I rarely notice the bass much while listening to music. I hear it but I usually focus a lot more on the guitar playing – exceptions being when listening to bands such as Motörhead or Iron Maiden, of course. Here however the bass is quite audible and often takes the front row and I found those parts are pretty damn catchy – though this can be said of most of the album. I'm always amazed by the fact that there is only one guitarist in this band – he shreds like a fucking maniac and the riffs are just fucking amazing, and you can really fuck yourself up just trying to air guitar at this – I shit you not. I don't know how many times I found myself listening to some of the guitars parts over and over – good thing this isn't a tape. (Metal Crypt)



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