Saturday, June 19, 2010

BSR020: HAAVA/AVFALL split EP (Normal version)

Details: After long delay fuck up by shipping problem here the great Tokyo crusties from hell.

The original release from tape that out of print from last year. We decided to put out on vinyl since this release should or must be release on vinyl format. Both bands hailing from Tokyo.
HAAVA played sort of 80’ Finnish Hardcore, they really put their old type influence on the tracks. With Japanese accent mix with Finnish shouting style and the drum beat that gonna make ya go mad.
AVFALL take other side with more Swedish Hardcore style. Think BOMBANFALL, SKITLICKERS and ANTI BOFORS mix together. Because they are from Japan, the sound are more distorted and raw. Both bands recorded at Noise Room where KRIEGSHOG recorded their 1
st EP that become most demanding records in crusty hardcore scene.
Price: 5 euro
Availability: Ask for w/sale and single order.