Saturday, June 19, 2010

BSR021: FREDAG DEN 13:E - Under Iskalla Fanor CD

Details: This is one of my favourite coming out of Sweden after Warvictims. 13 tracks full of Swedish D-beat Hardcore with rockn’roll touch. Compare to Kontrovers and Victims, and vocal part reminds me of Thomas Lindberg when they sang with Disfear. Rocking and riffing near to Wolfpack style. But this 13 tracks consist no Tragedy-ish plucking guitar between the song or intro. All fast and aggressive. This is the bands that give a new breath in Swedish Hardcore scene. Play it everyday and you know what I mean. No fucking regret!! Comes with 36 x 36 cm layout sleeves.
Price: 8 euros
Availability: Ask for w/sale and single order.