Friday, June 4, 2010


Details: Both bands come from Italy this split is new release.
Cancer Spreading deliver two anthems of heavy metallic stenchcore with dual guitar attack, fast beat that sometimes turns to slower yet steady and powerful and deep low growling vocals, the sound quality is excellent, this is a great piece of stenching crust in the vein of Deviated Instinct and old Bolt Thrower. Cruel Storm offer two tracks of raw D-beat that reminds of Anti Cimex and Masskontroll with distorted guitar, yelled/shouted vocals and fast bashing drums, their sound is raw and distorted and delivers the goods. The gory artwork is misleading since this kind of shit is usual in grind/goregrind bands, the record comes in gatefold cover with lyrics (in Italian) for both bands.

Price: 4.50 euro
Availability: mail us