Thursday, September 17, 2009

THE USUAL SUSPECTS - Breaking Bars and Crushing Codes LP

Details: The Usual Suspects played their first show in December 2001. All members, also active in the Leuven squat scene, listen to different kinds of music and that’s where the mix they make comes from. Apparently, people liked it ‘cos requests to play came in and the band went on from there. After having done some gigs in Switzerland and on the shores of France and Holland, the first album, Hasta la vista Commandante, was released in 2002 and was a mix of Suspects –songs, partial covers and nicked bits of songs by other bands. Musical Piracy it’s called. Wicked. The second release, the Classwars EP, on Filth Ear Records was a split with Agathocles, a Belgian grindcoreband and record holder in the Olympic discipline of releasing split albums. After this, The Usual Suspects toured and played a vast number of gigs across Europe and the Uk. Numerous party’s, bars and squat festivals were the scenery of yet another ska-dub-reggea-punkgig. In the meanwhile another album was recorded in November 2006 and released in December 2007. The little scoundrel was baptised in anarchy under the name of: Breaking Bars and Crushing Codes. A new album and quiet a different sound then the first one. No covers (well ok, just the one) and a sound that’s more mature then it used to be. I know other band members will not agree with me here, but I’ll take the risk and state that cheese gets better once a bit older as well. This baby was co-released by Maloka records from Dijon and is out on vinyl as well. We'll be doing some touring again this year (2009), starting with the UK on the end of august and beginning of September. Further on we'll be doing a weeks' tour in Switzerland the first week of November. We're (as always) looking forward to this and hope to see you all there for a laugh and a brew, a can of cider, shredded shirts, lost equipment, a jumped-through dance floor (that wasn't us), and more non-sense... In the mean time, behave, and have a nice one! Anarquia, Luz y Libertad para todos, The Usual Suspects.
Price: 10 euro
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