Thursday, September 17, 2009

BLOODBASTARD – Next to Dissect CD

Details:Hobby surgeons, flesh fetishist and horror freaks in general pay attention: your monthly doses of gore, blood, slaughter and other man degrading stuff is brought to you this time by the Bloodbastard brothers from The Netherlands. In only twenty minutes of playing time (and the band still says the album is a full length) nine songs are puked upon you whom actually tell again another horror story about a couple of maniacs who kidnap people, cut them in pieces, hang them in the living room and God knows what else. Only this time the background of the story is set in the northern area from The Netherlands and for the complete story I recommend to have a look at the website of these guys.

The music of the gentlemen is wrapped up nice. Some sounds capes create the right atmosphere and the production also says it all: this is bone breaking, greasy death metal. The songs are mainly played in the same tempo. They are performed okay but a guitar solo is not available and from the two faster tracks one of them (‘Bile’) is a cover from…. Bile. So, those of you who dig the combination between gore and death metal can give this a try. Those of you who like their metal more sophisticated better make sure to stay away.
Price: 7 euro
Availibility: mail us