Thursday, September 17, 2009

DOWN TO AGONY – Requiem Por Un Mundo Enferno EP

Details: The brand new 4 songs 7" from the Spanish powerful & crushing Neo-Crust hardcore-punk band who recorded after the first LP "No-Vida". This band is a sound that mixed His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy and Fear Is The Path To The Darkside but they've their own "darkness". And, the vocalist who does scream in tragic voice expresses misery and death of ourselves invented by this sick world. But in their words, there's a conviction to the reality of our own desires to the last. That is, this one is a just "Requiem por un mundo enfermo (Requiem for a sick world)" as told by the record's title. We (A)cclaim Collective didn't know this band at all until there's contact from them. But we felt that our and their standpoint and purpose were the same, so we decided to participate in this co-release. because they have said like this"we still live, we still burn, we still love". Great artwork.

Price: 4 euro
Availibility: mail us