Saturday, August 15, 2009


Details: An early tons of mid 80's Hardcore/Punk compilation. Raw noise guarantee!! Affected of volume like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Reagan Yout, Minor Threat, and many other. Beginning and in the middle of the 80's years of the HC/Punk prepared to a world-wide phenomenon. On this compilation finds one some at thattime best and most influential volume. Supported of American friends such as Adrenalin O.D, Offenders, Victories, Plain Wrap, the emphasis is clearly onthe flowering European scene: Negazione(I), Upright Citizen(D), Mob47 (Swe), Camourflage Color (D), Dezerter (PL), Kaffka Process (Nor), Grufrosen(A), Crude SS (Swe), Homeless (F), Bloody Deed(D), S.O.S (D), Panddemonium (Nl), etc. many this volume were pioneers, who codesigned considerably the punk and hardcore scene and possess this very day large influence. 41 tack in 75 minutes!!
Price: 7 euro
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