Saturday, August 15, 2009


Details: The street punk hammer! On their debut dics 'Join The BlackSlide Youth' got the Freiburg positive resonances. "Age of Terrorism" is in direct comparison again is hardly possible for salary increases! The band was founded in Moloko Plus fanzine, less than 29 other bands / songs of the CD insert on #1 already chosen! However the record still a dozen similar genre street punk anthem. This album has many damn catchy hits with outstanding qualities. Also lyrically the band stands out for miles from all the cliches out. The lyrics deal with everything crushing internal securityof the state, about freedom and constraints generation without their own identity and the will in a world fucked his way to go. Full of sound pressure, hymns on the assembly line and sucessful artwork. Age Of Terrorism in Germany is looking for his equal and is perhaps the best street punk disc.
Price: CD 7 euro/LP 12 euro