Sunday, July 12, 2009

THOUGHT CRIME - It's All In Yer Head

Details: Former members of the U.K.'s Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys and NY's Distrought play a brand of mid-to late 80's anarcho punk that is equal parts Discharge, Conflict, and Icons Of Filth. Hearing the English accent makes the songs more period and authentic and not some copycat sideshw that has appeared through the years when certain bands try to recreate the sound. To add even more, Steve Ignorant, formerly of Crass appears on a few tracks. The songs charge ahead with fierceness and bile. The lyrics are statement of what angers them: getrification, war, religion and other usual suspects, all delivered in rapid fashion. I saw the reformed Conflict a few years ago and they were a former shell of themselves. This band carries the flame that used to burn brightly for bands of the original movement. They are exciting and relevant to the current generation of punks who question. (PE)
This was release from 2002. If you fans of Aus Rotten, Conflict and Behind Enemy Lines you must get this CDs.
Availibility: 2 copies
Price: 7 euro