Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hello guys, we are back on track after one and half month of holiday and moved out from the country. Its feel good to going back to SEA to get more sun and loads of great food. But we still missed the cold weather and depressing winter. And all the good friends and people!! Nice to know you guys and girls!! Hope visiting Dublin back someday!

Allright, the latest label news are we have new release out. ANTIPROTOKOL/SLAKTATTACK split CD. Contains bunch of great d-beat and ra punk tunes! And in the process are WARSTRUCK/KONTRASOSIAL split CD. This seems like a split release season. As we like to introduce the good SEA bands to world, and European bands to SEA reign. Will write more details about the releases soon.

For the distribution news. We still distribute good bands from all over the world. Lots of stuff will coming in soon! And we get busy with orders again. Do check this blog regularly, as the good records will sold out pretty fast and you don't want to missed out.