Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Details: Out Now! Our new release for Summer 2009!
ANTIPROTOKOL were formed in Malaysia in 2001. Where not much d-beat bands around. They strongly influenced from Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade kida style. But not 100% playing like their "idol". They create unique style of d-beat, and create fan based of their own. Modern technology these days make sound recording much better than paast bands in local scene. ANTIPROTOKOL has proved that not all SEA can't recorded better than bands in Europe or from the States. 13 tracks of angry d-beat!!
SLAKTATTACK are Swedish heros. Playing traditional Swedish hardcore. Sang in Swedish with short English translation. What anymore do you aspect from Swedish punk? Great.. great.. great.. Listen to track no 20th and you will raise your "kangnave"!! 11 track full of fast and loud!
Price: 7 euro
Email for w/sale price or trade.