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Details: Demo 1979 1st 7inch ,live 1980 and cd w/82 live gig. FOR THE 1ST TIME,IN 31 YEARS THE DEFECTS 1ST DEMO,WHEN SOME OF THE BAND WHERE ONLY 15 YEARS OLD,AND ON LPS ON SOME TRACKS FROM THERE 1ST 7INCH THEY SELF RELEASED AND LIVE IN BELFAST 1980 A RARE RAW PUNK FUCKIN ROCK gig, AND THE END IN 1984 WITH SOME UNRELEASED SONGS ,AND A LIVE 82 GIG ON THE CD ONLY with a unreleased track too, LP comes with the CD for a ltd time only. LP only 500 on coloured, CD ltd to 500 too, W/24 PAGE BOOKET WITH RARE PICS NEW PAPER CUTTINGS

DEFECTS live in THE POUND,BELFAST !!!!!!!!!!
you are now holding in your hands a piece of Belfast punk history ! we over here had been really starved of the major punk seen that was going on in England. We were left with no choice but to grow our own. We had three main bands, DEFECTS (RUDI and the OUTCASTS). All three of which deserve their place in the history of Belfast punk ! three different styles of band, but over here we loved all three of them. The DEFECTS would have been the harder sound of the bands and i think they were heading the path of the second English wave of punk that Exploited, One Way System style. this made them very popular with the English crowd and led them to tour a lot in England later on. They had a very aggressive sound which really came across on stage!!
so what was a defects gig like in BELFAST? . Fuckin mad, as most punk gigs were over here. You went to a gig and you didn’t know if you were gonna get there get home there could have been a bomb anywhere ! police seen about all the time. The police didn’t like punks. Joe Public didn’t like punks. Bouncers didn’t like punks. So pretty much everbody hated us ! but we didnt care. We were livin in a shithole with no way of lettin off steam. The punk scene gave us that chance, and we grabed it with both hands. Fucks sake if we got there and managed to get a bus home it was usually attacked with bricks somwhere along the way. Even gettin to a bus without someone tryin to kick our fuck in was a rare thing.
So punk gigs were well attended. These guys were our heroes and we would go anywhere to see them play. It was our life line!! They could play in a garden shed in the asshole of nowhere and we would have all been there!!
For us younguns this is what we lived for ! A bottle of cider and a ten pack of cigs and we were warmed up for the show !!
The pound and the harp bar were the two main places to go to a gig. Come out and get into a fight with the people who didn’t understand us!
So to talk about this gig! It was mental! As you can here from this album it was intense! We were all crazy then and I hope still a little now. BUCK was a great front man, he was punk through his veins, and still is today. You could see it in his eyes, he fuckin loved being in this band. It was his life, and it showed every time he got on the stage! There we were with all this tension to release and the Defects were our way out!! This is what we had while the rest of the world watched our troubles on the news. With our bands to see we forgot all the shit goin on around us. When we were at a DEFECTS gig we didn’t care about anything else.
This gig is thirty years ago now, so don’t expect it to sound like crash course or its alive !! But saying that you can feel what it was like, and I really think it deserves to be heard! It should be a part of any punk collection anywhere in the world!! So here it is preserved as best as we could make it!! This is way before the album on wxyz was released, and you can here that these guys were a force to be noticed. Its a real punk album and deserves a listen. The band are really tight, agressive and loud. What more could you want!!
So you have the demos, the first single, a live gig and also a bonus unreleased song!! fuck it just gets better!! this track is called WORKIN FOR THE KGB, and what a great song it is recorded in 1984 very close to when buck left the band as you will notice it sounds like the band were headin forward to do new stuff. I really think this is a quality song. It makes me wonder what might have been, but bands split for their reasons. Do we need to know why? I would never ask them. The music is what is important.
The DEFECTS are now back again. Those who got to see them at rebellion got a treat. The new band is shit hot ! I was lucky to hear the rehearsel gig before the festival, and all I could think was WOW !!
So enjoy this offering, I loved puttin it together for you!!
Keep it punk and never grow up!! Or you will turn into your parents, and we don’t want that.!!!!!!!!
Side 1;1st demo 1979
Guilty conscience / Casualty / Metal walls / Know you
1st 7inch: Dance / Brutality
Live 84: Workin for the KGB (unreleased)

Side 2
Live in the pound bar 1980 Belfast
Defective breakdown / We don’t care / Survival / Bitch / Casualty / Dance / Know you / Conscription / Abuse

CD info
1st demo 1979
Guilty conscience
Metal walls
Know you

Live in the pound bar 1980 Belfast
Defective breakdown / We don’t care / Survival / Bitch / Casualty / Dance / Know you / Conscription / Abuse / Head on collision / Metal walls

Live 82 UK, Newcastle
Bitch / Survival / Dance / Know you / We don’t care / Conscription / Casualty / Metal walls
Brutality / Emotional blackmail

Live 84 UK
final solution (unreleased)
Workin for the KGB (unreleased)
Brutality / Feed the

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