Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DEATH DEALERS - "Files of Atrocity" CD digipack

Details: Remember when you used to create a “dream-team-band” in your head? If it used to count with Extreme Noise Terror and Anti-Cimex members, then you are one lucky motherfucker! Death Dealers is a new Raw Crust D-beat band with Dean Jones, Phil Vane and Chino from E.N.T and Charlie Claeson from Anti-Cimex alongside with members from Raw Noise! Pure Dis-Cimex annihilation done by fuckers playing punk for more than 20 years. This record will open a vortex in your house and throw you in a dirty english squat circa 1983! Artwork & design by Sean Fitzgerald. Deluxe Digipack version. For fans of: Extreme Noise Terror, Anti-Cimex, Raw Noise, Discharge, Doom, Disrupt
Price: 8 euro
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