Thursday, November 11, 2010

MESRINE – Unidentified CD

Details: As a general rule, Mesrine don't really do albums. In true underground style, they've unleashed a glut of EPs and splits but "Unidentified" is only their third full length in a decade of existence. Thus, the release qualifies as something of an event for followers of the eight-legged Quebec grind machine. Well, I can safely say that fans of both the band and the genre will not be disappointed with these 14 new odes to slashing and killing.

As ever with murderous grindcore, there's an underlying sense of humour running through the work. The lyrics of 'Sociopathic Worm', for example, brought a particularly huge grin to my face. Damn, even my boring, characterless, everyday sap of a next-door neighbour could be a serial killer when he's not mowing his lawn or putting out his bins or being such a mundane fucker... Mesrine's music is like a less-processed, sample-less version of Mortician. More grind than gore, though. Fairly standard stuff, in fairness, but the subgenre is painfully restricted and Mesrine fit it like a forensic glove.
Price: 7 euro
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