Thursday, November 11, 2010


Details: "From what I gather LAPINPOLTHAJAT formed in Lapland region of Finland over ten years ago, but this is their first release. They play classic sounding Finnish hardcore in the vein of LAMA and APPENDIX. Now understand that I..d never throw those comparisons lightly, but it..s undeniable that LAPINPOLTHAJAT has the sound down. All the songs contain tense verses that build up into grandiose, sing-a-long choruses, guitarwork that is bright and catchy, a bass sound that is raw and abusive, and to the top it off the vocalist has heaps of charisma. These songs will sound awesome all year-round; got a dark and ugly undercurrentt to compliment the bleakness of winter, but they also have enough hooks to be the soundtrack at your next summer BBQ. If a fan of classic Finnish sound, or catchy hardcore in general, you must track down this 7". (CI)" MRR

Track list

01. Tervetuloa Suomeen
02. Paskaduunissa
03. Download
04. Perheväkivaltahommat
05. Pakko Päästä Bailaan
06. Ihmispedot
07. Naapuri Vai Terroristi?
08. Kunnialaukaukset
09. Virhe
10. Oikea Lääkitys

Bonus tracks from LP sessions
11. Pikkukussat
12. Pelkomarkkinointi

Taken from 7" E.P
13. Kokoomus
14. Syvemmälle Pimeään
15. Mun Mielipide
16. Jos Uskot
17. Aaltis

Taken from OX Compilation CD #82
18. Vitun Intellektuelli
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