Friday, October 8, 2010

ISKRA – Bureval LP

Details: Second full-lenght for those Canadian punx. Ripping, fast and brutal black metal influenced by the Norse school (Immortal above all) mixed with crust. About half of the ten songs on the album deal with history of anarchism and resistance in Russia. Comes with 16pg booklet and still sealed!!

Iskra is a Canadian crust band that has leaned heavily black metal in the past, and is apparently focusing on the black metal aspect of their music even more in this recent release. The band takes its name from a Soviet newspaper, and is often brought up when people discuss the Red and/or Anarchist Black Metal scene. This album is just as furious and thrashy as the self-titled album, but I think I like this new one better, particularly since this drumming and a few of the riffs would fit in with any pvre kvlt Norwegian black metal band.
Price: 12 euro
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