Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ELECTRIC WIZARD – Witchcult Today LP

Details: The British doom metal band Electric Wizard has been doing their thing since 1993, and have had a lineup changes since their last release. Drummer Justin Greaves is out, replaced by Shaun Rutter.

Witchcult Today is the band's sixth full-length LP, a psychedelic slab of stoner/doom metal. Massive, down-tuned riffs propel the sludgy songs at a slow and steady pace. Some songs are oppressively dense and heavy, while others leave a little bit more room to breathe.

The LP ends with a couple of epic 11 minute long songs, one ambient and almost experimental, the other a more traditional Electric Wizard song.Witchcult Today is a little more accessible than the band's last couple of releases, but still has the heaviness and fuzzy atmosphere that stoner metal fans crave.

Its a must for fans of BLACK SABBATH and CHURCH OF MISERY!!

The only true way to enjoy this cult music is on vinyl. Here is your chance - they won't be available for long!

Price: 20 euro
Availability: SOLD OUT