Saturday, February 6, 2010


Details: Finally out, 10 tracks from Burnt Cross, with their 3rd, 4th and 5th 7" tracks, angry anarcho punk from the south of england. 9 tracks from A.U.K (..ex-alternative / crass records) from scotland and just as angry. Lyrics dealing with all the shit in the world today.

The stark black and white cover of a malnourished mother and her children one step from the grave, over looked by a tree of vultures welcomes you and warns you that you are not in for a barrel of laughs. Such is the picture of life on earth at the hands of greedy capitalists who are intent of destroying such a beautiful world in their lust for money and power. Both bands eloquently paint this picture in the lyrics, their cries of help and frustrated anger at the selfishness of mankind. Two UK bands, that capture the spirit of anarcho punk and strive to live a life celebrating the fundamental deals of what it is about. BURNT CROSS’S tracks are from their 3rd, 4th and 5th 7”s that are vibrant, uplifting and full of energy. Good song structures that will have you singing, dancing and shaking your angry fists in the air. A.U.K. contains former members of that old band the ALTERNATIVE, who had records out on Crass records. Like BURNT CROSS they are two brothers and both bands complement each other so well. 7 of their songs are upbeat, with plenty of punch in their catchy punk rock mayhem. But it is the last two songs of theirs that has captured my attention the most. ‘The Earth Dies Screaming’ and ‘In My Eyes’ are slower, darker and sombre in their musical approach. Kind of akin to THE MOB and KILLING JOKE, and have a real deep affect on me. A last cry for help because nothing else matters. No world, no us. This is an excellent cd. (Mel Hughes)
Comes with thick booklet.
Price: 6 euro
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