Saturday, February 6, 2010

AYAT AKRASS – Como Uma Tela Pintada Com O Nosso Sangue CD

Details: Year of two thousand and seven, winter. Born the debut Ayat Akrass' album. The called “As a Painted Screen with Our Blood” was produced by Wiliam Fernandez (Subtera). Contains special participations in the guitars and additional voices by Wiliam and Patrick (Subtera). Recorded in analogical equipment, mixed and mastered for the digital system in DaTribo Studio (São Paulo) – studio which recorded the bands: Krisiun, Claustrophobia, Dark Funeral, Torture Squad, Agnostic Front, Life Is a Lie, Endrah and Subtera – that album came to reaffirm, definitively, all the sound brutality and the political commitment that are turning main characteristic of the band. The album includes a multimedia track. The videoclip of “Descaminho”, that was directed by Rafael Gasparim (Curitiba).
Price: 7 euro
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