Friday, February 6, 2009

NEVER BUILT RUINS - 'schutt & asche' EP

Details: Follow up to their previous 10", NBR second release are 4 new tracks of full throttle rocking Crustpunk/Hardcore... A slight D Beat is unmistakable but they don´t even come close to be just a "clone" hence their still ain´t "New" as well... this is a good follow up to bands like DOOMTOWN (but way more political motivated here!) and BOMBENALARM... actually they remind me alot of the latter... NEVER BUILT RUINS a a fusion from folx living in Switzerland and the (mentally) wastelands of south germany, are nice folx and you should check out this 7" right now! Comes in a nice Sleeve bag with well don artwork. (Ruin Nation)
Price: 4.00
Availibility: mail us