Monday, February 9, 2009

GUTROT - Filthy Muck 10"

Details: Gutrot formed in 1986 in Woodgreen London with Stevie (Ex-AOA) on vocals, Dalb on Guitar, Darren on drums and Tim on bass, Dover Steve later replaced Dalb on guitar in 1987. Tim knew Dalb from living in Nottingham and followed him to London to start the band. The name came about after a very heavy scrumpy and vodka drinking session. The band played a major part in the North London squat scene at the time, in the summer of 1986 they squatted a social services building which they renamed the Kardboard box. This became a gig venue and rehearsal room until the band were evicted at the end of the year, monies from the gigs would always go to a good cause. Following the Karboard Box they squatted an old dance centre, which was originally a church, they called this The Ballet School. The band were actively involved in opening many squats, and making sure the Punks got a roof over their heads. To get by the band would go busking in the tube stations, begging for money to buy special brew and raiding shop bins for food. The band were known for having a bit of a stand off with Conflict at the time, I can’t really remember why, I think we probably took things too seriously back then. Gutrot never released a record, there are some rehearsal tapes knocking about though. The band knocked about with the band Axegrinder and gigged a lot with them. Darren the drummer went on to play for them. Gutrot played gigs with bands such as Extreme Noise Terror, Chaos UK, Deviated Instinct and loads of others. The band split in late 1987. Nowadays Dalb plays bass for Argy Bargy and Tim plays bass for Certified.
Price: 13 euro
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