Friday, January 23, 2009

MALACHI "Wither To Cover The Tread + s/t LP" CD/LP

Details: This sounds like High On Fire, Garmonbozia, and Damad had a private moment together with a tape recorder..and let me in for a sneak peak. totally crushing riffs lead into noodley guitar solos, haunting crazy cello parts lead in and out of doomy interludes and breakdowns. the soudn effects make me feel like i'm a little bit more eveil just for listening to this record. did i mention its BEAUTIFUL? the lp sleeve is hand-crafted black screened on black with silver, with a cut-out paste on label giving band information and song titles. dark, politial lyrics accent the soul-crushing heavy music; the long list of bands the members have tooled around with include notable folks as ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, HIGH ON CRIME, LIVING UNDER LIES, and many many more. this music is at once ultimately heavy and metallic, heartbreakingly sad, and rage your guts out angry! featuring dual female-male vocals from Robert of ARTIMUS PYLE and femal cellist Betsy-who could definitely give Mis of MOONSHINE or Victoria of DAMAD a run for her money in a karaoke contest - this is one of my favorite new albums! cheers! (Maygun) Profane Existence

This CD includes BOTH Lp's. Cello-led male/female voiced epic doom/crust. walls of riffs. Seas of despair.
LP comes with big giant poster!!
Price: 10 euro
Availibility: mail us