Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Details: First they released a demo, then came their first 7", and after thatcame their demo as a 7" - all of them very well received by me and Idare to say a large number of punks worldwide. In late 2007 theyvisited the studio again and returned with the twelve tracks thatbecame this LP. Charged with emotional melodies and punk attitudethey've once again created songs that are impossible to listen towithout getting completely sucked in to. I've in earlier reviews saidthat their lyrics are poetic, but that is also true about their musicand the structures of their songs. It's very poppy at times and allthis rambling about emotions and poetry might scare away some realhardcore d-beaters, but to avoid any misunderstanding I want to makeit perfectly clear that this is without a doubt punk. Punk in a pureand danceable form. Punk to which you can shake your ass whileclenching your fist - not in anger but with dedication. TheAssassinators makes me believe we can actually change the world to thebetter, even though they do address some dark topics in their lyricsas well. Still, this band gets me motivated to do what I think is bestfor myself and others and are doing so while providing one hell of asoundtrack. But The Assassinators didn't just spend time writingmusic, this LP also comes with a thick booklet full of artwork and alltheir lyrics in Danish and English, along with in depth commentaries.This band has definitely not forgotten that it's very possible tocombine punk, fun, and politics and get a very successful result. "Letthis be a declaration of love or a kick in the ass"!!!
Price: 9 euro
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