Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Details: Both bands comes from Slovakia. BETON with six furious tracks of heavy brutal D-beat with pissed off vocals. Short simple cold, dark dead lyrics. Nothing new just D-beat rawpunk that you can’t get enough off! CAD already have several releases out and have played together for many years by now. 11 furious tracks of grind/crust/rawpunk. Great cover art. No translation for the lyrics. You can find BETON’s lyrics translated on their myspace. This is released by 13 labels and limited to 500 copies.
Label involved in this split are:
Black Seeds Records/Black Seeds Asia
Biosfear Productions
Thriller Records
Vandal Records
Totalitarism Still Continues Records
Codex Records
Dear Friends of Azazel Records
Just D.I.Y Recods
Nihil n Beers Terror Records
Beffy Records
Warsong @ Dist and Confuzed
Makinas Records

Price: 10 euro
Availibility: mail us