Thursday, May 22, 2008

TINNER - Harder Faster CD (Finland)

Description: Finnish crust punks Tinner present a d-beat timebomb of eleven songs in fourteen minutes with "Harder, Faster". This is Disfear-style crust with the occasional Motörhead lick that would make your Grandma swig a can of Strongbow and spit it over a hoard of stinking bodies slamming into each other. Out on Show Me Your Tits Records. Nice. ...of course it should be 14 songs in 11 minutes but yeah whatever. The summertour in Europe will be done together with dutch grindcorebastards Suppository. Deluxe Crust'N'Roll, reissue in cd pro format with bonus track + stickers.
Price: 7 euro
Availability: 5 copies