Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SUBLIMINAL DARKNESS Studio Rehearsal 2014 CD-R

Review: I always keen to listen every new bands from Japan. This CD-R just arrived at my post box yesterday, and I pop into my CD player and have a listen to it. This is only their debut rehearsal recording as far I known, they never release anything yet. Dark, heavy, filthy, crusty Japanese stenchcore!! yeah the vocal are screaming from hell! Heavy and dirty guitar crushing metal riff sounding. There is slower part and bit sludgy always reminds me of 80's stenchcore DEVIATED INSTINCT and the other heavy 80's UK bands like AMEBIX, AXEGRINDER, HELLBASTARD and PROHPHECY OF DOOM. SUBLIMINAL DARKNESS can be relate to the other modern and latest Japanese bands like ZOE, EFFIGY, AGE, and DISTURD. I just realized there is no guitar solo in this recording, hoping there will more improvement if they release debut material. Looking forward for more tracks from this stenchcrusty unit since the CDR consist only 3 tracks that took 10 minutes.  Fans of INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, ATB, CANCER SPREADING, SANCTUM and HELLSHOCK will dig this.

**For review purpose only, NOT FOR SALE.