Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ZEX – Ragnarock Session CS

Details: Jo capitalicide another new band, he known as a writer in 20 Years Born Too Late fanzine and other bunch of bands like TRIOXIN 45, GERM ATTAK, SCHIZOPHASIA, BASTARDATOR, IRON DOGS and more! This time he drag his wife lead as a singer, some say like Cindy Lauper look and Beki Bondage kinda attitude. But this sounds interesting when GIRLSCHOOL, VICE SQUAD and The EXPELLED as a influences. This tape consists of 6 songs: two from Wanderlust EP , two from Savage City EP and two unreleased tracks. They will make a debut tour to SEAsia in next February 2015.
Price: 4 euro
Availability: mail us