Thursday, June 12, 2014


Details: Okay I saw them in few months ago, they kick ass live. In this 3 tracks song they sent me were actually unexpected. Listen it carefully in my CD player, I heard strong influences from DARKTHRONE (metal/punk era), INEPSY, MOTORHEAD and other metal punk band that arise nowdays. Vocals style ala Mr. Lemmy a bit but they sang in metal way, and the singer should put up the mike stand bit high while sang to get the Motor vibe, (yeah I saw MOTORHEAD twice!) the guitar riff are clearly listenable and the drums are much likely old school black metal style (think early Bathory) and there is punk beat too since its a metal punk bands. Another cool metal/punk band from Malaysia after NIGHTWOLF. This tracks will feature in their cassette EP that will out sometimes soon. We will distribute it here, just keep on eye on this blog.